Radio AAHS (KIDS RADIO) expands again...

Radio AAHS (KIDS RADIO) expands again...

Post by William Pfeiff » Sat, 13 Nov 1993 16:43:46

Radio AAHS, the wonderful children's/family radio network, originating
from WWTC radio in Minneapolis, has just signed on another affiliate.
AAHS can now be heard in the St Louis metro area on 95.3, KLZE FM, a class-A
(3000 watts at 328 feet) in Owensville Mo., which, I guess, is a suburb
of St Louis.  This is their first FM affiliate.

Interesting thing is that 95.3 is right next to 95.5, the frequency of
WFUN, in Bethalto Il, which programs 'FUN-RADIO' a locally programmed
AAHS-like format.  WFUN does not cover well in the heart of St Louis,
though and perhaps the AAHS signal can pick up where WFUN leaves off.
As far as I know, this is the only city to have two competing 'Kids'
stations.  Los Angeles has 2 stations, as does Washington DC, but in
both cases, they are both AAHS affiliates, not competitors.

Here is a list of AAHS affiliates, as far as I know.

CALLS           METRO AREA                   FREQUENCY     POWER (watts)
                                                        (DAY/NITE ANTENNA)

WWTC            Minneapolis (flagship)          1280    (5000/5000 DA-N)
KPLS            L.A. metro                      830     (2500/1000 DA-N)
KCTQ            L.A. metro                      850     (500/250 DA-2)
WKDL            Washington DC                   1050    (1000/44 omni)
WKDV            Washington DC                   1460    (5000/5000 DA-2)
KIDR            Phoenix AZ                      740     (1000/292 DA-1)
KKDS            Salt Lake City                  1060    (10,000/1000 DA-N)
KYYD            Abilene TX                      1340    (1000/1000 omni)
KNRB            Dallas TX                       1460    (5000/5000 DA-2)
WMXH            Scranton PA                     750     (1600 days only omni)
WISM            Eau Claire Wi                   1050    (1000/500 DA-1)

Affiliates are currently planned in ...

Milwaukee WI.
Grand Rapid Mi.
Idaho Falls ID.
Spokane Wa.
Baltimore MD.
...and coming to a radio near you!

In case you are not familiar with Radio AAHS, here is an excerpt from
my article this past spring (1993) on the subject....

        *** Radio AAHS (OZ) brings imagination back to radio ***

----------------------   BEGIN QUOTED ARTICLE ----------------------

Subject: Radio AAHS (OZ) brings imagination back to radio.
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1993 03:38:11 GMT

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Minneapolis (indeed one of
the main reasons for going) was the opportunity to listen to and
record what has to be the most unique, fresh and innovative radio
format I have come across in years.

Starting a couple of years ago on a single 5000 watt radio station in
Minneapolis, this new format has grown to satellite network status


The station is calls Radio AAHS (pronounced 'OZ", as in the Wizard) and
bills it's self as 'kid's radio', but it is much more than that.  When
we hear the phrase 'kid's radio' we might envision an audio version of
Sesame Street, or a stilted and condescending 'grownups preaching to
kids' sort of thing.  But nothing could be further from the truth
where radio AAHS is concerned.  At first listen, you might think you
are tuned to "Doctor Demento", since AAHS plays a lot of novelty, and
animated songs.  But as you listen you begin to realize that this is
much more than novelty music.

The sound is bright, clever, very positive and stresses both fun and
responsibility in a very non-preachy and stimulating way.  The music
is king.  Sure you have your staples of Kermit the Frog, Raffie,
Fred Penner, etc., but it goes way beyond that.  The music literally defies
categorization, borrowing styles as far flung as rap, folk, country,
techno-dance, reggae, blues, rock&roll, dixieland, and even
classical, Radio AAHS is a potpourri of very interesting, and truly
fresh stuff.  

All of the music, regardless of style, carries with it the positive
messages of self esteem, imagination, getting along with others,
daring to be different and preserving the environment.  To try and
describe this mix would be virtually impossible, because it is so
diverse.  Some artists are well known in the pop/rock world (such as
Paula Abdul doing Zippity Do Da, Little Richard doing a rocked out
version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Michael Jackson with Black or
White and Heal the world, and many many others), but a larger
percentage of the selections are from artists and groups that are not
as well known on the pop/rock stations but none-the less create a
marvelous sound that is sure to please kids from 5 to 75.  Some of
these artists are Tom Chapin, Tom Paxton, Parachute Express, The Teddy
Bear Band, Rosenshontz, Cheech Marin, Lenny Graf, Tim Noah, Joe Scruggs
Reggae For Kids, and a host of others too numerous to mention.  They
even play a version of 'Achy Breaky Heart" by the Chipmunks *with*
Billy Ray Cyrus!

In addition to music, Radio AAHS has regular features such as
Storytimes where an interesting story is read over the air, sometimes
accompanied by sound effects and such, the 'Brain Game' where a
question is asked and callers try to guess the answer and win prizes,
The good deed day where listeners nominate someone for a good deed,
and if they win, they get prizes, and a lot of impromptu little
stories and even jokes told by listeners.  The DJ's are all different
and they get involved with the music and the kids who listen.  On the
weekend is the 'Top 1o Countdown' where requests are tabulated and the
top ten most requested songs are played.  

Radio AAHS is not merely kid's radio.  It is family radio in it's
purest and best form.  It is a station that Mom and Dad can listen to
as easily as their kids and because it is not preachy, but instead
fun, entertaining and subtly educational, kids do not grow tired of
it.  On weekday mornings, kids actually come in to read the newscasts!
Radio AAHS has hosted many events including "KIDSTOCK", a one day


Radio AAHS (KIDS RADIO) expands again...

Post by Patti Twi » Thu, 18 Nov 1993 10:26:10

>Here is a list of AAHS affiliates, as far as I know.

>CALLS               METRO AREA                   FREQUENCY     POWER (watts)
>                                                    (DAY/NITE ANTENNA)

>WWTC                Minneapolis (flagship)          1280    (5000/5000 DA-N)
>KPLS                L.A. metro                      830     (2500/1000 DA-N)
>KCTQ                L.A. metro                      850     (500/250 DA-2)
>WKDL                Washington DC                   1050    (1000/44 omni)
>WKDV                Washington DC                   1460    (5000/5000 DA-2)
>KIDR                Phoenix AZ                      740     (1000/292 DA-1)
>KKDS                Salt Lake City                  1060    (10,000/1000 DA-N)
>KYYD                Abilene TX                      1340    (1000/1000 omni)
>KNRB                Dallas TX                       1460    (5000/5000 DA-2)
>WMXH                Scranton PA                     750     (1600 days only omni)
>WISM                Eau Claire Wi                   1050    (1000/500 DA-1)

I am a devoted listener of this network, and would just like to add
on thing to the list above - the two stations listed for Washington,
D.C. are actually located in Maryland (Silver Spring - WKDL, 1050)
and Northern ***ia (WKDV - 1460). This is a large metropolitan
area, and both stations call in to the one in Silver Spring, but
in order to broadcast and be heard over the larger area, they
have two transmitting frequencies.

Patti Twigg

*the account I post from is under the name of my supervisor*
*opinions expressed are mine alone!                        *