West Coast Live

West Coast Live

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               Sedge Thomson's West Coast Live
        San Francisco's Live Radio Show to the World

                                           February 09, 1994

How to hear the show:

West Coast Live is uplinked to the National Public Radio
(NPR) satellite, so all NPR stations have an opportunity to
broadcast the show.  Here is a list of our known affiliates;

   Station      Area Served       Live           Taped
                                Broadcast      Broadcast

KALW 91.7 FM   San Francisco    Saturday,      Saturday,
                 Bay Area      10:00 a.m.      8:00 p.m.

KRCB 91.1 FM   Rohnert Park        n/a         Saturday,
                                               10:00 a.m.
                                             (1 week delay)

Call your local NPR station for more information.

Here (hear) is the upcoming schedule as we see it now:

Our producers work overtime booking talent onto the show.
Sometimes they're so busy on the phone, they don't have time
to keep the rest of us up to date.  I arrived at last week's
show and was pleasantly surprised to find that Wavy Gravy,
Country Joe McDonald, and Pulp Playhouse were added to the
bill.  So, join our audience at a live show.  You too may be
pleasantly surprised.

February 12th;

  The Mermen, San Francisco's premiere surf band.

  Danny Ferrington, Guitar maker to the stars.

  David Cale, performance artist.

February 19th;

  Zydeco Flames, Cajun roots music.

  Nikki Govanni, poet and author or "Racism 101".

  Ethan Canin, author.

  Nancy DeRoss, singer/guitarist/songwriter.

  Guitarists Henry Kaiser and Knut Reiersrud.

February 26th;

  San Francisco Symphony Chorus, This Grammy award winning
  group, with West Coast Live's own Cynthia Hobgood, will
  feature music from Carmina Burana.

  Francis Wong and the Great Wall, music group.

Where to find us on the Internet:

West Coast Live Mail List Subscriptions:

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Airwaves Radio Journal:

The Airwaves Radio Journal has been very kind by including
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How to Reach Us:

West Coast Live
Post Office Box 410295
San Francisco, California 94141-0295

Voice:      (415) 664-9500
Facsimile:  (415) 664-9596






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