Kid's Radio, has it been tried?

Kid's Radio, has it been tried?

Post by L. A. Spangl » Thu, 05 Aug 1993 04:04:40

Does anyone know of a successful station programming to a pre*** or
elementary school aged crowd.  Seems it might work, at least during the
non-schooling hours.  But what to broadcast dayside when the 5-13 year
old crowd are pounding the crayons and books.  

It might sound like a wacky idea, but the advertiser base would seem to
be there, and if the listener-to-advertising-dollar ratio's were good
(as in enough to keep the station on the air) someone might be able to
make a go of it.  

Just wondering... well...there is one frequency which went dark
recently...nah...just wondering.  

Lance Spangler

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[Bill Sez <was Moderator's Note:> Lance, this not only has been tried, but
seems to be doing quite well.  The main player in this arena is 'Radio AAHS'
<pronounced 'OZ'> which originates on WWTC-AM in Minneapolis, and is sent out
on the satellite to affiliates in LA, Phoenix, Somewhere in Texas and I think
the Washington DC area.  They are a great station, full of fun and
imagination, in a radio-world of dull, predictable, bland formats.   I wrote
an article several months back on the subject.  In addition to AAHS, I know of
two stations doing a similar format, but locally programmed.  These are
WFUN-FM, near St Louis and KIDS in Springfield Mo.  and there may be others.
How well they do ratings-wise varies from location to location, but AAHS's
flagship station is doing fairly well considering their niche' format.  
Frankly, I think that AAHS has one of the best formats in the industry today
and they go farther than they have to to provide a format that is positive,
educational, non-preachy, and most of all *FUN* not only for children, but
for the kid in all of us :-).  If you have FTP access, go to the archive site
<> and look in the INDEX file for the string "AAHS
brings inagination back to radio".  If you dont, write me and I'll dig it up
for you.  BTW, what frequency went dark?  What were the calls, power, etc
Send me mail.  Bill]