80's music

80's music

Post by Harold Hallikain » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 09:29:14

: On a more serious note:  I remember when KNDD unleashed it's corporate
: power in Seattle.  At first I thought, "Hey, all the songs I listened to
: in my youth that nobody ever played on the radio."  Then I thought,
: "Jesus, my generation has become a marketing construct."  

        While visiting a friend at an AM stations in Paso Robles, she
started a song on the air and commented to me "There's a song from our
era."  I said, "I thought this WAS our era."  And that was 20 years ago.
Guess my era's gone...  Oh well, I'm still having fun in whoever's era
this is.  Hope they don't mind my trespassing!



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