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RadioAction Network

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                     RadioActive Solidarity
     When word of the firebomb attack on Argentina's Radio La
Tribu FM reached the Montreal office in September, AMARC's
Solidarity Network was quick to respond.

A two-page RadioAction Alert was drafted in English, French and
Spanish, complete with details about the attack and suggested
action to be taken in support of the community radio station. The
Alert was then sent by fax and e-mail to the over a dozen
regional coordinators of the Solidarity Network who in turn
copied and forwarded the message by e-mail, fax and post to
hundreds of community broadcasters on every continent.

The message was also sent by e-mail to dozens of individuals and
to networks such as the International Freedom of Expression
Clearing House (IFEX) and the Internet Radio Journal which
forwarded it to their own networks.

Within a few days thousands of people had received the Alert and
a number of community radio stations and anti-censorship
organizations had already sent messages of support to La Tribu FM
and of protest to Argentina's president.

The Network's first RadioAction Alert, calling for support for a
German community radio journalist unjustly sentenced to three
years in a Turkish prison, was issued in February. Since then
Alerts have also called for support for stations in South Africa,
El Salvador, and ex-Yugoslavia.
If you are interested in receiving the RadioAction Alerts,
contact AMARC's Montreal office and we will put you in touch with
the coordinator in your area. There is still a need for more
coordinators in certain regions so please contact us if you can
help distribute Alerts in your area. Electronic mail users can

well as other information from AMARC.

A report on the Network's first year of operation is available.
Contact AMARC if you would like a copy.
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