Low power FM license & equipment, Info please

Low power FM license & equipment, Info please

Post by Francis A. Ney, J » Fri, 26 Aug 1994 04:11:34

Subject: Low power FM license & equipment, Info please
Date:   Wed, 24 Aug 1994 13:11:34 -0600
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Apologies if this is a FAQ: let me know if it is on a FAQ list and where.

Without going into too many details, I have a communications problem that
would be best solved by a low-power broadcast station in the FM commercial

I have seen these before, typically running adverti***t tape loops from a
motor vehicle.  I have also seen similar stations in the AM band, used for
parking information at airports, stadiums, and amu***t parks, and for
emergency traffic information and NOAA weather radio retransmissions along
interstate highways.

What I am contemplating would be a fixed-point station, operating
intermittently.  This would be at one annual event at a known location lasting
2 weeks, plus several other weekend and week-long events nationally (US) at
locations that change year-to-year.  Because of this, a license good for
operation nationwide would be preferable.

The purpose of this operation would be dissemination of routine and emergency
information of interest to those within a severely limited geographical area
(typically less than one square mile).

Information I need:

1. What kind of license (if any) do I need for this kind of operation?
    a. What FCC regulations apply to this kind of operation?
    b. What frequencies are available? (must be accessable by a generally
       available receiver)
2. What equipment is available for this kind of operation and at what cost?
    a. Does it have to be type-accepted?
    b. Can it be homebrew within certain technical limits?
3. What perils/pitfalls can I expect and avoid?
4. What else do I need to know about this type of operation?

I do not normally read these newsgroups, so please respond by email.

Thanks in advance.

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