In search of U2 Zoo Station promo disc (Please Help!)

In search of U2 Zoo Station promo disc (Please Help!)

Post by J. Bradley Materi » Thu, 17 Sep 1992 04:40:51

[Modertators Note:  This post, although barely in subject, was included
because it is a request for info on a 'DJ' single and perhaps someone in the
group might have some info.  Please send info to the poster directly. Thanks.]

Hello All!

Forgive me if this post seems out of place, but I am posting this message to
many different newsgroups in hopes of a positive response.

I am looking fo a rare U2 single, a DJ/collectors white vinyl 12" single of
Zoo Station.  The single contains 3 songs:

                        Zoo Station
                        Lady with the Spinning Head
                        Zoo Station (UV1 remix)

If you have this single, know someone who has it, or have seen the single
anywhere (I think it was released only in the U.K.), PLEASE respond to me
personally via e-mail (as I probably do not regularly read this newsgroup)
at the following address:

ANY information on the whereabouts of this single, no matter how insignificant
it may seem, will be GREATLY appreciated.

Taanx in advance,

J. Bradley Materick

P.O. Box 14707 Stanford CA, 94309