Unusual Occurrence on FM....

Unusual Occurrence on FM....

Post by Rich Boehm » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 03:05:28

Howdy Folks,

I hope that my newsreader does not belch too terribly in getting this message

In 1989, my wife and I were vacationing in the Canadian Maritime Provinces.
It was early July and we had just taken the ferry from Nova Scotia to Prince
Edward Island.  It was about 6 pm or so and a thundershower had just rolled
through the area (it was sunny again, but big cluds loomed about)
 and we were driving to our next Bed & Breakfast place.  Her
car (a Honda Accord) has a normal AM/FM stereo w/ a tape deck, nothing fancy
or high-tech.  We were driving along and a pressed the 'auto program' button
which finds the 6 strongest signals in a given area and temporarily asigns them
to the program button.  This was on FM.  One of the stations we got was from
****ia Beach*, ***ia.  Now, I know that AM stations can propagate great
distances *at Night*, but FM during the late afternoon.  This was so wierd that
I figured it to be some sort of atmospheric fluke and have not given it any
thought since.  

Is there some sort of explanation as to whythis may occur on FM??

Rich Boehme