McKay-Dymek Info Needed

McKay-Dymek Info Needed

Post by Bradlee Be » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 03:05:20

I have a McKay-Dymek AM Tuner and preamp/antenna that I purchased used.  
They're in need of repair.  I've not been able to track down the
manufacturer; my guess is that they're out of business.  These products were
used by many AM stations for off-the-air monitoring, so I hope someone may
have the maintenace manuals for them.  Here's what I have:

DA5 Antenna/preamp.  Serial # DA5000354.
AM5 Tuner.  Serial # AM5000329.

I'd be happy to pay reasonable copying and postage costs to get copies of
the maintenance/alignment manuals.  Thanks in advance...


Bradlee J. Beer
4414 Castle Gate Drive
Dayton, OH  45432-1814