FM/FM in same market response

FM/FM in same market response

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This was a post in AIRWAVES #466 concerning a radio combination in
Baltimore (WWMX's purchase of WVRT):

*When I first read this post, I didn't believe it.  Just figured it was
*some kind of freaky frequency shift.  But, I checked it and it's true.
*They are even announcing that "The two stations have merged" and that
*104 will have a new format soon.  However, they didn't say what the
*format will be.

*I have a few questions ...

*Isn't it illegal for one company to own two FM's in the same market?

*Isn't it illegal for two FM's in the same market to simulcast?

*What is the purpose of two stations in the same market simulcasting?

On September 16, 1992 the FCC allowed radio station owners to purchase own
two stations of the same service in the same market under the revision of
the "duopoly rule" in the multiple ownership rules.  Here is the text of
the FCC's language:

$73.3555 (a)(1)(i) In radio markets with 14 or fewer commercial radio  
a party may own up to three commercial radio stations, no more  than two of
which are in the same service (AM or FM), provided that the     owned
stations, if
other than a single AM and FM station combination,      represent less than
percent of the stations in the market.  (ii) In         radio markets with
15 or more
commercial radio stations, a party may  own up to two AM and FM commercial
stations, provided, however, that       evidence that grant of any
application will
result in a combined    audience share exceeding 25 percent will be
prima facie     inconsistent with the public interest.
7 FCC Rcd 6406; 47 CFR Ch. 1 (10-1-92 Edition) p. 320.

It is also permissable for stations to simulcast a portion of their
programming under the revised rules:

$73.3555 (a)(1)No license for an AM or FM broadcasting station shall be        
to any party (including all parties under common control) if    the grant
of such
license will result in overlap of the principal         community contour
of that
station and the principal community     contour of any other broadcasting
directly or indirectly  owned, operated, or controlled by the same party,
that such       license may be granted in connection with a transfer or
from an existing party with such interests, or in the following        
(2)(i) Where the principal community contours of        two radio stations
overlap and
a party (including all parties under    common control) with an
ownership interest in one       such station brokers more than 15 percent
of the
broadcast time per      week of the other such station, that party shall be
as if it has an         interest in the brokered station...regardless of
the source of
the     brokered programming supplied by the party to the brokered station.
7 FCC Rcd 6406; 47 CFR Ch. 1 (10-1-92 Edition) pp. 319-320.

Basic reasons why stations are "duopolizing" and entering LOcal marketing
Agreements (LMAs) is to reduce overhead and increase revenues.  I'll be
visiting several of these duopolies in January to interview owners and
 managers as
part of my dissertation research.  Will share some of this information of a
general nature with readers in the future.  Hope this answered your
questions Jeff.


FM/FM in same market response

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>This was a post in AIRWAVES #466 concerning a radio combination in
>Baltimore (WWMX's purchase of WVRT):

<explanation deleted>

Thanks frr the response..I found it informative.



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