Call letters: There use and listing

Call letters: There use and listing

Post by cheevr » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 03:05:03

Hello folks.

I have a couple of questions and I trust someone can help me.

First off does anyone know for certain whether there has ever been a case of
the FCC or perhaps a station with the same _call letters_ strenuously
(legally?) objecting to the simulated broadcast use of call letters? For
example if someone was to record and make publicly available said recording of
a person speaking as though he was broadcasting from WKWK New Know where would
this be a legal violation of any sort. Be mindful that this recording was never
broadcast prior to recording it was simply recorded and distributed.

I know there have been records of announcerly voices speaking call letters as
though they were _real_ DJ's etc. but I do not know if they where real
announcers from real stations who were given the go ahead to do their bit on
record...I think the first Meat Loaf record has an example of this (?) in the
song Paradise by the Dashboard Lights...

I believe that it is legally permissible to do this (free speech as it relates
to satire etc.) but I am curious if anyone has any knowledge of such an issue
and or some thoughts on this.

Secondly where can one find a complete up-to-date listing of all of the
frequency allocations of the US and the world? I imagine the FCC has such a
listing but is it accessible and if so how. Paper and snail mail is....well,
slow. Has anyone seen such a listing?

The reason I am querying these points is because I may be involved with a
project that would intersect these issues...

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.
Paul M Cheevers
PD WNYU FM/AM Carrier/NYU Cable New York

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