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The BBC World Service is not free in the US. I am not sure how they work the
rights to direct broadcast of their shortwave to air, but it might be
interestin to check this out. I know that NPR pays for BBC pieces it airs
during Morning Edition or ATC.
American Public Radio owns the rigthts to the BBC World Service for Broadcast
in the United States. There is a service fee associated with this, based on
hours of use and market size. As far as I know, it is only available to non-
commercial stations. It is available on satellite, but you must be a member of
the Public Radio Satellite System to pull it down for broadcast, in addition
to the APR fees. The format is SCPC on Galaxy VI, Transponder 2, Mono, 15Khz,
3:1 DBX companding.

Some cable companies are also putting the WOrld Service on the SAP of some of
the TV services, including CNN, CSPAN, and others. You may want to call
CSPAN at 202 737 3220.

However, again, I stress the need to check on the copyright for airing
anything off the BBC World Service. You may want to check with American
Public Radio at 612-338-5000. They can give you better info on the whole
thing. I do remember that during the Persian Gulf War, APR was a bit upset by
stations airing the BBC World Service off of short wave, rather than pulling
it down legally.

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