High Profile Show & Ratings (was Re: Changes at WBCN-Boston)

High Profile Show & Ratings (was Re: Changes at WBCN-Boston)

Post by b.j. mo » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 03:05:10

>18...And most notably the amount of forward promo-ing of Stern's show has now
>been reduced dramatically, This alledgedly due to the fact that Stern's show,
>although regularly pulling 15's, is not translating into a bigger overall for
>the station. This reportedly is agitating station management. Also disturbing

I find this to be consistent with Stern's show in other markets, and would like to know if it generalizes to other shows.  Now, i know the general wisdom
is that a strong morning show leads in to programming for the rest of the day.
However, Stern seems to have a small but not overwhelming benefit to his affiliates.  I wish i had current numbers, but what i seem to recall is that his show
in New York regularly gets an 8-9 rating (12+; probably higher 18+ males) yet
WXRK can do no better than a 3... my take on this is that despite the 'congruence' of Stern's show to his mostly classic rock affiliates, most folks don't hang around for the rest of the day.  

Quote:>those at "The Rock", the irregular timing of Stern's show. Recently, Stern's
>show clocked in from 7PM-1AM......This disregard for timing on the part of
>Howard's show has apparently caused some problems with programming the
>overnights. With the inevitable switch of Howard's show to morning drive, this
>could turn out to be a major problem.

Well, most of the other stations seem to put up with it... or do they?  Do
any of the Stern affilates edit/ shorten the show to fit a four hour block?

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