Zimbabwe to launch new propaganda radio station: pay Russia to jam new station, it is cheaper...

Zimbabwe to launch new propaganda radio station: pay Russia to jam new station, it is cheaper...

Post by Max Powe » Fri, 22 Jul 2005 06:19:13

Several solutions are suggested:

Why not pay Russia to jam the new Zimbabwe propaganda station?
Russia can summon up to 1MW carrier power for jamming.
Russia may have HR 8/8/1 (33 dBi isotropic gain) Curtin array antennas aimed
at Africa.
The Russian jamming approach is cheapest, and no money is spent in Africa.
For the most part Europe, nor anyone else has been interested in spending
any money IN AFRICA since decolonization.

If Balad were reactivated, it could be used to jam Zimbabwe.
Balad aka SED (was commissioned to ABB / Telefunken as Balad).

Hypertitantic-geopolitical-hyperrealism commentary:
In spite of the great propaganda value that could be achieved by activating
all of Iraq's high power MW and SW transmitters, it is probably cheaper for
the US and UK to just let their military units be killed off -- and not have
anything to do with the minutiae of manipulating Iraq's entire
media-broadcasting infrastructure. I believe this political habit was the
creation of Kissinger during the Vietnam War when similar circumstances
existed with respect to mass media in the region.

Quote:> Ring the Zimbabwe just beyond it's Borders with Four
> to Six Transmittters positioned in dispersed locations
> that are around and surround the country.
> .
> Each Regional Tranmitter Broadcasting on a Frequency about
> 50 kHz apart on the same day and time. {Simu-Casting}
> .
> Rotate the Transmitter Frequencies from one regional
> transmitter to another transmitter on a daily basis.
> .
> Primary Program Content Anti-Mugabe (Anti-Government)
> News and Information.  Secondary Program Content can
> be any neutral programming that other Broadcasters will
> allow to be re-broadcasted at no-cost or very low cost.
> Such as the : ABC, BBC, DW, NHK ,RCI, RFI, RNW, VOA, VOR etc.