HCJB English Program Notes

HCJB English Program Notes

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                            Program Notes
             English Language Service, HCJB, Quito, Ecuador

September-October 1994                                      
Vol. VI, No. 5

NEWS & NOTES:  Big changes are underway in the English Language
Service of HCJB. As of the first Sunday in September we are
modifying our schedule to bring you a wider variety of programs,
some new, and some old ones but at a better listening time in
your part of the world.
     As we add and change programming, we want to hear from you.
Are our broadcast times convenient? What do you think of the
programs? Are the frequencies clear? Please let us know what you
     Computer users: You can access our FTP file server to
download program schedules and other information from the
English Language Service. FTP file server address:
nw311.hcjb.com.ec. Logon as anonymous. Use your internet address
for your password.

All days are local days, as opposed to UTC days.  This
distinction applies only in North America.

M O N D A Y - F R I D A Y
STUDIO 9--Beautiful Andean music, colorful cultures and
captivating people are all in our sights. Travel to the
Caribbean, the Amazon or the Andes without leaving your favorite
chair. Join Curt Cole and Ralph Kurtenbach as they open a
shortwave window to the world. Tuesdays feature the series,
"Mystery of Mysteries", weighing the evidence for evolution and
creation.  Heard Monday through Friday at 7:30 and 17:00 to
Europe, 10:00 to the South Pacific, and 17:00, 1:00 and 5:00 in
the Americas

MORNING IN THE MOUNTAINS (to the Americas only)--A pleasant way
to begin your day, Morning in the Mountains combines music,
sports, news and inspiration with host Allen Graham and newsman
Leonard Kinzel. Tuesdays include the science feature, "Towards
Tomorrow." A new Saturday release of this program also begins in
September with hostess Karen Schmidt (see Saturday listing).
Monday - Friday at 12:00 and 16:00 UTC plus Saturday at 13:30
and 16:00 UTC.

NIGHTSOUNDS--Beautiful Christian music and thoughtful words from
Bill Pearce. End your day in a relaxing way as we beam to you
from high in the Andes Mountains. To Europe at 19:30, the South
Pacific at 11:00 and the Americas at 4:30 UTC.

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY--Dr. James Dobson's popular program focusing
on family issues and social concerns is now heard each weekday
evening at 00:30 in the Americas, as well as weekdays at 13:30
and 20:00 UTC.

SALUDOS AMIGOS--Now it its 10th year, HCJB's international
friendship program continues to foster friendships throughout
the world. Just recently, a couple were married who met--you
guessed it--as pen pals on Saludos Amigos! Join the fun as Ken
MacHarg reads your letters and offers friendship every Sunday.
We can't promise anyone will meet their mate this way, but who
knows? Heard every Sunday at 7:30 and 17:00 to Europe, 10:00 to
the South Pacific, and 17:00, 1:00 and 5:00 UTC in the Americas.

MOUNTAIN MEDITATIONS--A half-hour that calls listeners to think
on specific subjects from God's Word, the Bible. Hosts include
Ron Cline, Abe Van der Puy, Ben Cummings and Jim Allen.
Broadcast Sunday at 19:00 to Europe, 8:30 to the South Pacific,
and 19:00 and 00:30 to the Americas.

HCJB TODAY--A new format has comes to this weekly visit with
HCJB staff. Continue to expect interesting and informative
interviews with the people who work at HCJB, from engineers to
medical people to photographers. News headlines will now be
cover 4 1/2 minutes of what's been happening in HCJB and around
Ecuador, with greater emphasis on Ecuadorian news. Now heard at
2:30 in the Americas, 7:00 Monday to Europe and 8:30 Monday in
the South Pacific.

YOU SHOULD KNOW (formerly INTROSPECT)--This revamped program
goes another step beyond the issues we've been covering on
Introspect. Each week we'll look inside and beyond the headlines
from all around the globe. Sometimes amusing, sometimes
hard-hitting, always something YOU SHOULD KNOW, with host Len
Kinzel. Follows STUDIO 9.

MASTER CONTROL--This lively magazine starts this September with
features on a variety of current topics, lifestyle issues and
Christian themes. Learn how to fight fair in a marriage, or how
to sell cookies nation wide! Broadcast at 18:00 to Europe, 9:30
to the South Pacific, and 18:00, 2:00 and 6:00 to the Americas.

SOUNDS OF JOY--Bob Carlson is up front with the sounds of
today's Contemporary Christian music, now on HCJB three days a
week. Broadcast Monday and Wednesday to Europe at 18:30, the
South Pacific at 9:00 and to the Americas at 18:30, 2:30 and
6:30 UTC. Also Saturday to the South Pacific at 8:30 and to the
Americas at 2:00.

EL MUNDO FUTURO--The future world of science and technology with
the latest in health and medicine, astronomy, computers and
other areas of interest, hosted by Allen Graham. Regular
features include "Men of Science, Men of Faith" and the weird
and wacky on "Imagine That!" Follows STUDIO 9.

UNSHACKLED--Radio's longest running drama telling true stories
of people who turned their lives around through Jesus Christ.
Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00 to Europe, 9:30 to the South
Pacific, and 18:00, 2:00 and 6:00 to the Americas.

BLUES, RAGS AND ALL THAT JAZZ--Cited by "Passport to World Band
Radio" as one of the ten best programs on shortwave, this weekly
venture into good music moves to prime time in your area.
Produced by HCJB's British studios, the program is heard at
18:30 to Europe, 9:00 to the South Pacific, and 18:30, 2:30 and
6:30 in the Americas.

THE LATEST CATCH--Rich McVicar brings you a mid-week update on
the latest DX-tuning tips from DXers around the world. Heard at
7:00 and 18:00 to Europe, 9:30 in the South Pacific, as well as
18:00, 2:00 and 6:00 in the Americas.

THE BOOK NOOK--A new book-reading program is coming your way
hosted by Marita Regier. Tune in each Wednesday right after THE

HAM RADIO TODAY--Host John Beck makes the most of your radio
hobby every Wednesday following STUDIO 9.
Oct. 5: Station logs; medium wave characteristics; antenna
parasitic systems; a backward look at radar.
Oct. 12: VOMs; VHF characteristics; discone antennas; a backward
glance at Michael Faraday.
Oct. 19: Maritime distress feature; transequatorial mode of
propagation; traps; backward look at Marconi and the Cold War.
Oct. 26: Q-codes; scatter type propagation; longwire antennas;
backward glance at Loren Windom W8GZ.

SOUNDS OF JOY--See Monday's listing.

WHAT'S COOKING IN THE ANDES?--Karen Schmidt escorts you on a
tour of the kitchens and cultures of Latin America. Regular
features include spices and herbs and Food News That You Can
Use. Follows STUDIO 9.
Sept. 1: Visit with a local cook who specializes in
Mediterranean cuisine, complete with recipes you can try.
Sept. 8: Learn historical, nutritional and cooking tips about
the Latin native, the pumpkin.
Sept. 15: A tour of some Ecuadorian bakeries.
Sept. 29: Karen peruses the food of G