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San Diego County Report

Post by Chris Carmicha » Sun, 17 Apr 1994 11:11:18

Quote:>From the San Diego listening post:

Noted white separatist John Metzger of Fallbrook, California (in SD
county) was deported from Germany this week because of his belief
there was no Holocaust.

Invited by Bill Handle, KFI (640 AM Los Angeles) to debate on the Holocaust,
Metzger was deported from the Franfurt Germany airport.  Also invited -- and
deported --  was Canadian separatist Tony McAleer, of British Columbia.

Handle, whose grandparents, died at Auschwitz, Poland, was going to show
the two men the facilities in Germany and Poland.  In his Friday morning
radio show, live from Poland, Handle described the feelings of walking
throught Auschwitz.  He also showed retraint in describing the problems
of going through customs, and catching the flight from Warsaw to
the airport near Auschwitz.  Apparently, there was a lengthly delay
because the radio station was identified as a white-supremist outlet.
According the German law, no broadcast are allowed in and out of the
country with that subject.  The morning show host, Handle, did meet
with a group of German neo-Nazis while in Germany.

The sign-on date for "hot talk" KOGO (600 AM, 5kw, U) has been delayed to
April 25.  The studios are still being constructed and will not be done
until next week.  The station is currently broadcasting the Michael
Reagan show weeknights.

KFMB (760 AM, 50kw) "Sports Sunday" has reduced the number of hosts and
promises to be a "cleaner, more lively" show.  The show airs from 9 to
10:50 a.m., and from the end of the Padres baseball game to 4 p.m.
The station will either have a game or a sports talk show every weeknight
from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. This comes after the 4 p.m. - 6 p.m., news show, "San
Diego Today."  Starting Monday, the slogan for the station will be "San
Diego's station for news and information," replacing "entertainment and
information."  There has been a gradual shift from music (and a loss
of personnel as reported).

Mike Berger and Jeff Prescott, currently with XETRA-AM (690, 50kw, U,
Tijuana, Baja California) were "seen playing golf with KCLX-FM program
director Jack Silver.  The syndicated show from LA, "Mark and Brian"
hasn't been the number-maker for KCLX, and they are slipping in the
ratings.  Berger and Prescott seem out of place at the all sports
station, XETRA.

KCLX, whose program is geared to classic rock, broke the music embargo
with Pink Floyd's "The Division Bell."  Plus the current line up includes
songs by Neil Young and Bruce Springs*** and the "Philadelphia" sound-

Palamor Community College's on-campus radio station is now broadcast by
Dimension Cable's DCR.  The digital radio box, which is an addition $6
per month, recently added KKSM.  San Diego County cable operators
have dropped their FM service, cutting KKSM and other community college
radio outlets.  But in an agreement with Palamor Community College,
the cable company put them on the digital cable service.  Dimension serves
the communities of Oceanside, San Marcos, Escondido and Fallbrook.


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