AM 1000 legal ID

AM 1000 legal ID

Post by testnet.. » Tue, 16 Nov 1993 14:32:59

Instead of all this debate about did person A or person B hear
the official calls for AM 1000 Chicago, and "according
to official FCC rules" quotations of what constitutes a legal ID
(they may be doing no "legal" ID, within the strictest guidelines)
how about this:

someone in Chicago, please listen to AM 1000 continually from :50
to :10 and tell us what IDs the station gives.

It's possible they're saying WLUP Chicago at :55 and WMVP Chicago at :05
and you can choose which is the legal one. It's also been suggested
that they have to say both to get credit for those all-important DIARY

Others have pointed out how, regardless of rules, stations bury that
legal ID anywhere from 10 of till 10 after anyway.  Is it really so
important to know if they have OFFICIALLY changed to WMVP?