Need info on Project Acorn System

Need info on Project Acorn System

Post by Jeffrey A Meuni » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 05:00:48

I am considering doing my thesis on an aspect of digital audio broadcasing (DAB)AB)
, but my field does not apply to the Eureka 147 system.  I am having trouble
finding info on other systems, specifically the "Project Acorn" system, which
I believe is being funded by CBS, Ganett, and Group W radio.  Can anyone
point me in the right direction for technical literature on these systems
(esp. Acorn)?  Does anyone know whether there is a lack of info on Acorn
because it is proprietary, or because it has proven inferior to Eureka (please,
only solid info here.  Keep opinions to a minimum.  I know I am opening up
a bag of worms here if I don't state this outright).  

Thank you in advance for any information or advice.


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