RadioAction - Haiti

RadioAction - Haiti

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                    RADIO UNDER FIRE IN HAITI

     PORT-AU-PRINCE, NOVEMBER 1993 - Broadcast journalists in
Haiti are having to take unprecedented risks in their efforts to
inform the public about what is going on in the country.

     Ever since the coup that ousted Haiti's president, Jean-
Bertrand Aristide, more than two years ago, military and para-
military organizations have targeted the media in ***
campaigns. In one case a journalist with Tropic FM, a progressive
radio station in Port-au-Prince, was ***ped while covering
live the arrival of the UN special envoy to Haiti last February.
Colson Dorme was held in a cell and beaten for seven days before
dumped on a sidewalk without a word of explanation.

     Threats and *** directed against the media have
escalated since early October. The following are only a few

     1) On October 12th armed members of the pro-coup Front for
the Advance and Progress of Haiti (FRAPH) took over the national
television and broadcast anti-Aristide programming.

     2) On October 25th soldiers closed Radio Provincial and
Radio Celestin International in the city of Gonaive. Studios and
offices of both stations were vandalized in the attack and a
journalist, a technician and an announcer were arrested.
According to the military the stations were closed for music with
"social content".

     3) On October 30th armed civilians in Jacmel shot at
journalist*** Francois.

     4) On November 5th Emmanuel Laurent, a journalist with
Tropic FM, was approached by 4 armed men who demanded the address
of the director of the Agence Haitienne de Presse. When Laurent
turned and ran the men shot, hitting him in the hand.

     Faced with this escalating repression, many of Haiti's
journalists have been forced underground in order to continue
their work. Radio Soley-Leve, a tiny clandestine station, is one
of the few ways that journalists are able to continue their work
and that people are able to express themselves publicly about
recent events in Haiti. However, Soley-Leve has been targeted by
the pro-coup parliamentarians, by the Raoul Cedras, Commander in
Chief of the Armed Forces and by para-military organizations.

     On November 16th, the general coordinator of Haiti's
National Press Union called for an end to the escalation of acts
of intimidation and *** against journalists and demanded
that freedom of the press in Haiti be respected.

     The Solidarity Network of the World Association of Community
Radio Broadcasters is requesting that letters or faxes be sent to
Raoul Cedras, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Your
message may mention the following:

     1) That you condemn the ongoing campaign of *** and
intimidation directed against Haiti's journalists.

     2) That you demand that freedom of the press be respected in

     3) That you support the work of the journalists of Radio
Soley-Leve who have been forced underground by the repression and
that you request that the army and para-military organizations
cease all operations against the station's personnel.

Lieutenant General Raoul Cedras
Commandent en chef des Forces Armees d'Haiti
Quartier General des Forces Armees d'haiti
Republic of Haiti

Fax: +(509) 239007

Please send copies to the Agence Haitienne de Presse at fax
number +(509) 493434 and to AMARC's Solidarity Action Network at
the address below.

     The Solidarity Action Network is an initiative of AMARC,  
      the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters

             For more information about AMARC or the              
                  Action Network, contact us at:                

  3575 St-Laurent, # 704 - Montreal, Quebec - H2X 2T7  Canada
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