Boston AC Notes(Was : NYC AC Notes)

Boston AC Notes(Was : NYC AC Notes)

Post by Mark Shneyder 2-42 » Wed, 30 Mar 1994 12:24:59

Quote:>While we're at it to distinguish the *** Contemporary stations
>from lightest to heaviest it's
>WMXV-105.1 a bit more rock and more uptempo "the best mix of the
>        70's 80's and 90's (you are reminded of this in a jingle
>        about 4 times an hour)


I think WMXV 105.1 in NYC and WBMX 98.5 FM in Boston are using the same ad
agency for their TV/print ads. If it wasn't for the frequency and the
calls, I couldn't tell the difference between seeing a TV spot for 'MXV on a
NY station(on cable) and a local TV spot for 'BMX -- same actors in the ads,
same MIX logo and colors, same slogan, same video clips of artists played
on a station...

Here's the AC situation on the FM dial in Boston(stations listed according
to populairity) :

WMJX - 106.7FM, Boston -- "MAGIC 106.7 Continuous Soft Rock"  --
A *** AC sound; their midday,afternoon,evening,night DJs put you to
sleep before the music does.(last year they dumped long-time morning guy
John Kosian and brought in former WBZ personality good guy Tom Bergeron
to liven things up a little; chatty Tom is doing the best he can at a music-oriented
station) No instrumentals(only Kenny G here and there) on the playlist.
A six-hour jazz brunch on Sunday morning.

WBMX 98.5 FM, Boston -- "MIX 98.5"; in the last 3 years with this format
they had steady increases in every ratings period; very uptempo sound;
practically no AC ballads(only at night); happy/friendly on-air staff.

WSSH 99.5 FM,Boston - "WISH 99.5 - Easy Favorites of Yesterday and Today";
The only FM station on the dial where Barry Manilow's records haven't been
lost on purpose. Neil Diamond, Barbara Streisand, George Michael rule the
CD player here. Elevator music with vocals. They added a weeknight
jazz/new age show(10pm-2am) after the only commercial jazz station(WCDJ) in
the market adopted a new format(country) and new calls(WBCS) last May. They
have a long-standing tradition of playing an instrumental version of the
national anthem every Saturday and Sunday at 12noon.

WLYT 92.5 FM, Boston/Haverhill - "Lite 92.5 - New England's Radio Station";

The station is not in the primary market and doesn't have the ideal
signal to be considered a player in the AC battle but of all 3 outlets mentioned above,

92.5 has an excellent mix(there's that word, again!) of faster lite rock
#1 pop-chart hits from '70s-'80s pop-rock makers  (Eurythmics,
Simple Minds, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Steve Miller,Genesis etc)

On the AM dial only 2 come to mind and you'll need a decent receiver in order
to obtain any kind of reasonable listening quality :

WJIB 740 AM -- You're stuck in this elevator,baby : continuous beaitiful
music on this low-power station.

WXKS - 1430 AM "Music of Your Life" - A mix of Big Band/Beautiful Music/ultra-Soft AC.