note to radio station PD's

note to radio station PD's

Post by Radioro » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 14:59:43

I'm working with World Aid Relief (WAR), the people who are planning the
world-wide mega concert in July '95 to raise funds for world hunger
causes, staffed by the people who produced Live Aid.

WAR is planning a 1/2 hour TV spot to encourage awareness of the hunger
issue and the concert, featuring some major-name musicians as hosts, which
will be fed to stations via satellite.  There has been significant
interest by television in giving this time to WAR, so much that they are
planning to offer a modified audio version for radio to be serviced both
by satellite and CD.

I'd very much appreciate any opinion from anyone in radio as to whether
there is enough interest to warrant such a project, and whether there are
a significant amount of stations willing to donate their time.

Please reply via e-mail to:

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