Job Inquiry

Job Inquiry

Post by Thomas D. Faz » Sun, 17 Oct 1993 04:33:53

I've tried every other method of getting a job and to no avail, so I
am trying this forum.  Perhaps someone can assist.

Does anyone know of any on-air or production openings at radio
stations in the eastern part of the U.S.?  

I'm looking for my "first gig."  I finished college last December.
I have great production skills and can work in virtually any
situation.  I practice daily doing production and voice-improvement
exercises.  I do tapes for people (you may remember I asked about
radio stations' existance a few weeks back), I do re-mixes for my
mobile DJ business, and I even do creative messages for my answering
machine and other peoples' also.  

I'd be willing to move pretty much anywhere as long as I could make
enough money to not be living in a cardboard box in the radio station
parking lot.  I have been told by many local radio jocks and production
directors that I have a great talent and would be a great asset to any
station.  But this town (Buffalo) thinks too highly of themselves as
a market and won't give me a chance to prove myself.  I know I can
deliver a quality product and pull in good numbers if someone would
just give me the chance.  

The first station to hire me will be extremely lucky because I'll work
24-hour days if I have to in order to prove my point.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

                       Tom "The Faz" Fazio
                  ***DJ'S DO IT ON THE AIR!***