Time to bury "The Home of Rock'n'Roll"

Time to bury "The Home of Rock'n'Roll"

Post by Tim Ellio » Wed, 26 Aug 1992 07:45:37

last week, *I* wrote

Quote:>So, the new PD was set to go back to "The Home of RNR" but at the last minute
>went with "THE Rock-N-Roll Station".  Doesn't really say much.  Notice the
>emphasis on the "THE"---it's meant to tell listeners there is no competition
>(which there is----that's the point).  It's interesting the hear on the air,
>but, alas, our marketing on it has still pretty much sucked.

and this week, I write:

Hmm, a consultant swept through town (Gabe Baptiste, responsible for the new
Blaze! in, uh, i forgot the city and calls (somewhere in middle america,
kansas?) and reminded us that "Rock-N-Roll" is really a 60's-70's term (as
discussed) so we're dropping it next week.  We're just going to rely on our
heritage for now "25 years and still rockin'" and the calls "Rock 107 WPGU".

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