Station features ALL LOCAL music!

Station features ALL LOCAL music!

Post by Eric Fu » Thu, 29 Oct 1992 13:08:20

Today I made my annual trip out of the Washington DC area to see
the leaves change. This time I treked up to Harper's Ferry, WV and
got a chance to check out a wonderful new AM station which plays all
local music (WTRI I think) 1520 AM. I heard everything from folk to
rock to country. The DJ was pleasant, there were NO commercials
aside from those included in the news feed at the top of the hour.
Bands and artists from Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond were
included.  I must say that this is the most refreshing thing I've
heard on the radio since WHFS lost thier vision back in the late 80's.
I just wondered if there were any other stations out there like this.
I also wondered who was paying the bill for this station ( I figure
that something this good won't last long cause no one will pay for
[Moderator's Note: Goody for them!  I am releived to see that someone still
has what it takes to run a radio station! I would much LOVE a uncut aircheck
of that station (hint hint)]

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Station features ALL LOCAL music!

Post by Scott Fybu » Sun, 08 Nov 1992 17:30:31

>While on the subject of local music I have to make a plug for WITR's
>(Rochester, NY) weekly local live music show. For the last five years WITR
> has had a LOCAL band come in to the production studio every Tuesday night
>for live broadcast and interview.  Many of the bands have used recordings of
>the broadcasts for record company demos, and a few have used the matterial in
>localy released albums.
>Is any one else doing something like this?

Yes, WBRS-FM at Brandeis University in Waltham MA has a regular series
called the Joint.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night (all
year long), bands come into the station lobby and have 2 hours to play
whatever they want.  It's all digitally recorded (bands have released
CDs of their Joint appearances), it's celebrated its tenth anniversary
recently, and over 900 bands have had a chance to perform!  The
performances are free and open to the public as well as being

WBRS also presents live mumusic Friday  afternoons on "The Coffeehouse,"
w whose performers tend to be more along the folk or classical lines.
There's free food and coffee for the Coffeehouse audience, and again
all programming is digitally recorded and archived.

[Moderator's Note:  WCBR fm 92.7 in NW suburban Chicago does extensive work
with local bands, including on-ain interview/performances.  In addition,
WLUP-AM also has a semi-regular schedule of 'unplugged' sessions with local
AND national acts.  Nice feature. ]