Pirate FM and Classic FM (UK)

Pirate FM and Classic FM (UK)

Post by Julian Lorki » Fri, 11 Sep 1992 06:35:43

[Moderator's Note:  So you actually DID log a  .. 'Pirate in Penzance' ?
Sounds like a great name for a play :-).  GROAN.]

Not a 'pirate', as in unathorised broadcaster, but Pirate FM, who are the ILR
for Cornwall, on 102.2 and 102.8; they've been broadcasting for some months
now in theory to holidaymakers in this popular holiday region, however in a
weeks worth of listerning, at peak holiday time, EVERY single phone call was
from a local caller!

Meanwhile, Classic FM are on the air, after an unbelievable 3 months of test
transmissions, when all they broadcast were BBC sound effects. Check them out
on 100 to 102 FM.

Julian Lorkin.