More on IDs

More on IDs

Post by barry mishki » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 13:55:11

Subject: Re: Station ID's

Maybe he did ... I've lost count of the quote >s ....


>> >   If the stations' natural break in programming is at
>> >   :45 then it is quite legal to ID at that time!!  The

>> I actually spoke to an FCC inspector about this very question at an SBE
>> conference and he was definitely of the opinion that a station can be
>> cited if they arrange their programming to cover the top of the hour on a
>> regular basis.

>This may come as something of a shock, but FCC inspectors aren't always right.
>;) At one station where I was CE we were cited for allegedly repeatedly
>exceeding 100% negative modulation.  The transmitter was a 5 kW Harris MW5. It
>was physically impossible to exceed 98% negative modulation without repealing

Hummmm, Can I see you RI and raise you an EIC from a southeast district and a
Chief of the Mass Media Buraeu?

Quote:>> His official interpretation was that waiting until a "natural
>> break in programming" referred to live events that cover the top of the
>> hour or the occasional Mahler symphony, say, that goes beyond one hour in
>> performance time.  He was quite specific that egular programming
>> contrived to cover the top of the hour without legal ID was *not* legal.

>The inspector with which you spoke was *wrong*. He doesn't determine where the
>symphonies, church services, and other complex programming that spanned
>three or four hours that had no "natural break," and therefore no station
>rare (depending upon your format), but they do occur.

Quite true. However, the original assertion by (whomever) ... he never
responded to my reply ... was that a rock station could use segued cuts to
create a mucis sweep with no natural break. That is specious argumentation, and
anyone submitting a detailed description of a station doing an ID at :45,
in the middle of a newscast, then playing a series of rock cuts to cover the
hour, will find that station will be contacted by the Commission and perhaps
issued an NOV.

Quote:>The real answer is if you're a mature ***, capable of making decisions on
>your own, you decide for yourself.  If programming management is not
>comfortable with "creating" breaks within complex programming, then you don't.
>It's that simple.

It should be ... if there weren't so many children in program director seats.
Your statement is correct in the last paragraph, but, again, the original
poster wasn't talking about complex programming, unless you consider
potty talking morning DJs to be complex.   <W   G>    


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