Cleveland Radio (was: Re: 80's Music - New Format?)

Cleveland Radio (was: Re: 80's Music - New Format?)

Post by Jeff Billm » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 09:29:15

> This is possibly the biggest joke and the biggest insult to people who know
> music. Cleveland's WNWV (Cool FM) does the same thing. [snip] Instead of
> reflecting
> the tastes & views of the people, they are the dictators. And it's wrong.
[snip (again)]
> Our oldies station here (WMJI Majic
> 105.7) is fine, but they play the same 25 tunes or so over & over! Then
> there are oldies I know I haven't heard since they came out, and the
> station never plays them! What gives?!?!

> That's my rant...thanks for reading...I love radio but hate constantly
> flipping thru the micro-formats till I find something decent.

Ah yes, Cleveland.  Quite possibly the largest market w/o a true CHR
station.  Question for all you fans of Cleveland radio:  Do you think the
radio stations in Cleveland serve the needs of the listeners with their
current format?  I've been hearing a lot of gripes lately about how
Cleveland doesn't have any stations that fit people's tastes.  Some have
given up on radio altogether, and are instead listening to CD's.  What do
y'all think?

Cleveland Radio (was: Re: 80's Music - New Format?)

Post by Eric Matthe » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 13:55:02

I also agree Cleveland radio stinks.
The only Cleveland station I enjoy is WENZ, 107.9-The End. They
play good modern/alternative music.
All the other stations say "variety". I have found the term "veri
rty" has become a codeword for "we suck".
To hear any other decent stations, I have to resort to *** an
tenna/receivers to listen to WZOO 102.5-"102 Zoo" in Ashtabula,
a good Top 40/rock station. Another good one is WHOT,101.1-"Hot
101" in Youngstown, a mostly Top 40 station.

Well, all I can say is, until people here in Cleveland stop pat
ronizing the businesses advertised on stations such as WMJI, WQ
continue to be the radio laughing stock of the entire country.

And this is supposed to be the rock and roll hall of fame city-
better start proving it "programers".
Eric Matthews