Ron Cuzner?

Ron Cuzner?

Post by Joe Ly » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 05:01:22

This inquiry goes out to Milwaukee/Northern Illinois listeners:

A few years ago (okay, maybe 10 or more), there was a guy
named Ron Cuzner who did a jazz show at midnights on WFMR (a Milwaukee
FM classical-music station). The program was called "The Dark Side."

Cuzner was a bit of a character on air (and off-air, I believe),
and his selection of music was varied and interesting enough
to get me interested in jazz.  His typical playlist featured
traditional (Ellington, Parker) to more modern artists, but
he leaned heavily towards the traditional.

When the wind was right, WFMR would come in (albeit a bit static-y)
at my home in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  I taped a few
of Cuzner's shows, and I've still got a couple that I drag out
when the mood hits me.

My question is this:  whatever happened to this guy?  I know that
somewhere around 1984 WFMR was sold and became either a rock or
urban-contemporary station, but there was such an outcry for a
classical station that another outlet changed their format (and call)
to WFMR, but didn't pick up Cuzner.   I'm very hazy on all the details.

Does anyone here know the real story?