Roof Top AM's

Roof Top AM's

Post by Bill Pfeiff » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 13:54:55

} one of the very last rooftop AM transmitters in the country!  (videos on
} request...).  

In Chicago, we have WSBC AM (1240) and WSCR AM (820) from a rooftop tower,
and we have WSBC (1240) and WCRW (1240) from another rooftop. Until
recently WCRW was atop a hotel, but then consolidated with WEDC, and
uses their tower.  WEDC, WSBC and WCRW all share time on 1240.

WPNA 1490 in Oak Park Il (a Chicago Suburb) is roof mounted on the Oak
Park Arms hotel.

WJPC-AM 950's daytime site is rooftop mounted, although they use a 6
tower in-line array at night.  Interesting thing is that WJPC is 1kw
days omni, and 5kw nights directional.

These are the only ones I know of.



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