Listeners Day: Radio Romania International

Listeners Day: Radio Romania International

Post by Stephen Newly » Sun, 24 Oct 2004 16:53:53

Dear RRI listener,

On November the 7th we celebrate Listener's Day here on Radio Romania
International. We do that in a live programme around 47 minutes long at
13.08 - 14.00 UTC. It is an entire programme dedicated to you, therefore we
need your contributions. We want to know your opinions about the structure,
content and quality of the programmes broadcast by RRI. Your overall
assessment of our programmes would be of great help in our efforts to
improve the services we provide to you.

You can contribute to this programme in two ways: by giving us an interview
on the phone before November the 7th or by phoning in during the live
programme. Please let us know which of the two suits you best.

If you were so kind as to give us an interview, please tell us the most
convenient time when we can contact you next week and, of course, your
telephone number. If you want to contribute live to our show just let us
know and give us a number where we can reach you on November the 7th. Or you
can call us on +4021 223 41 45 between 13.08-13.50 UTC on November the 7th,

We look forward to hearing from you,
Lacramioara Simion & Iulian Muresan
"Listeners' Day" producers

Serviciul Englez - Radio Romania International

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