Radio Rally UK UPDATE UK

Radio Rally UK UPDATE UK

Post by Diane Levesq » Thu, 04 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Fresh swipeage from Fido Ham.....


PY>Hi all,
PY>      Over the last 2 days we have had MENY phone calls asking if
PY>the "Northampton Radio & Computer Rally" is going to still be on
PY>this Saturday......

PY>Well as there is little time to change things   YES it will be on
PY>             UK  UK  UK  UK  UK  UK  UK  UK  UK  UK
PY>             The Northampton Radio & Computer Rally
PY>             Saturday the 6th of September 8am start

PY>At the Heart of the Shires show ground on the A5 2 miles north of Weedon
PY>  from the South M1 jct 16 towards Daventry "follow RADIO sign post's"
PY>  from the North M1 jct 18 towards Rugby and get on the A5 South
PY>Bring the other half and the kids as loads to do in the shopping village

PY>Please tell others on the radio....
PY>If you are on packet please pass it round on there

PY>Paul & Steve    N.R.R

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