A song about myselfe!!!

A song about myselfe!!!

Post by Radio Tiran » Mon, 23 Feb 2004 03:12:17

Quote:> it is tru!!!

> Dancing With Myself, written about LARDASS Lloyd Davies
> by Billy Idol
> This song was inspired by an obese, pathetic ***y ***er named Lloyd
> This loser couldn't get laid in a bloddy ***house with a no-limit Visa


I heard you last week on 3.958 you pathetic fool !
Jamming poor senile old Harvey in Alabama. Yes he
did go on for a 27 minute long monotone, reading
a 28 year old news story from The Spotlight and
never even ID'ed once during his transmission, but
that's still no reason to jam the Liberty Net and one
of it's few founding members that ain't fell backwards
dead into a 6' hole yet. You should be ashamed of
yourself Lardass Lloyd !