Sangean Radio Shack DX-390 Antenna Static Zap

Sangean Radio Shack DX-390 Antenna Static Zap

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Quote:> My portable Shortwave Radio, Radio Shack DX-390, fell victim to
> the power of a static discharge to the antenna. <snip>
> Radio shack will send me what they claim is a replacement:
> Number 11335486.

I though  you might be interested in an excellent, free, online
service that finds older articles posted to Usenet News groups;
a search-engine called Dejanews.  


Dejanews is a search engine that can be used to search older
postings to  You can reach Dejanews on the Web
at .  Without a Web browser, the path,
although navigable, is more indirect:

       Telnet to and follow the guest logon

       Choose resources by subject.
          Choose Internet Indexes and Search Engines.
             Choose Dejanews

Once you're at Dejanews, get to its powersearch menu, and establish
a filter that will limit your search to the
newsgroup.  Submit the filter.  Then initiate searches for keywords
of interest to you.  

I used Dejanews and found 63 postings to, in
which the DX-390 is mentioned, and eight more in which the DX 390
(no hyphen) is mentioned.  Unfortunately none of the postings had
the replacement transistor information.  One of the people who
posted mentioned that Radio Shack had replaced his DX-390 for him
TWICE, due to static failure.  He said that Radio Shack made the
replacement with a grin (of embarrassment?), but with a minimum of

Another posting (one of mine) suggested that the only way the
average consumer might be certain of guarding against static damage
to his DX-390, is to eschew static-producing clothing AND ALWAYS to
be barefoot, while using a DX-390 (;-).  Also, I said that there
was no excuse for designing a radio, for electrically naive
customers, that would fail when subjected to NORMAL HOUSEHOLD
levels of static electricity.  I quoted another posting that
suggested adding a circuit (see below) to the radio, to guard
against static discharge damage.  Still another posting asked why
Radio Shack hadn't included the few pennies worth of parts in the
DX-390, to make things better for their customers.  
         ___________________________________________ to antenna
         |               |               |
         A               V               >
         |               |               < 10K
         A               V               >
         |               |               <
         |---------------|---------------|---------- to receiver

        Where:   A is a diode "pointing up"
                 V is a diode "pointing down"

                 all four diodes are 1N914/1N4148 (R.S.#276-1122)

Incidentally, typing a "p" (without the quotation marks) while
viewing an article via Dejanews, will allow you to E-mail a copy of
the viewed article to yourself.  Perhaps a handful of printouts of
several articles telling of static damage due to the identical,
poor-design-caused problem might convince Radio Shack that they owe
you a free repair or a replacement receiver.  

Dan Grunberg    Kensington, Maryland   USA