New SW station in New Zealand?

New SW station in New Zealand?

Post by Chris Smolins » Sat, 26 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I saw this post on Anyone know anything about a new
SW station in New Zealand?


Quote:> I need to locate manufacturers of shortwave transmitters to get a price
> and delivery time on a transmitter for a service I have been instructed
> to get up and running immediately!

> Search engines have given me a few but I am keen to locate companies who
> can provide information on standard SW and DAB versions which I can use
> as a link over a 500km path.

> Particularly interested in Thompson equipment but search in various
> spellings produces nothing!

> anyone who can help or direct this message to manufacturers who can will
> be appreciated!

> Robert Jeffares
> CE Radio 531Pi
> Pacific People on Air
> Auckland New Zealand

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