Post by Carl Domanic » Sun, 22 Feb 2004 15:54:17

Motorola UHF JT-1000 Radio..... Paid $800.00

Motorola NMN6193B Premium Speaker Mic... Paid $95.00

Motorola Drop In Quick Charger, Used for Nicd Batteries ( NTN7212B) Paid...$

Motorola Heavy Duty Leather, Swival, Belt Case...Paid..$ 45.00

Program Key

W & W Battery Eliminator...Allows Plug-in to cigerette
lighter...New...Paid..$ 55.00 ( WCE-060M5-7144A )

*** Contack cover, For side of radio, when no speaker mic is used

Polaris PA-2 Programming Adapter ( Ribb Box ) w/ Built in Nicd Battery, can
be charged and used in the field , if necessary....Paid..$ 159.95

Polaris Radio Interface Cable, used for HT-1000, MT-2000, MTX838, MTX8000,
MTX9000, and JEDI- Series....Paid...$ 135.95

Itech iq-pac, Professional Commercial Duty , Charger / Analyzer /
Conditioner.....Paid $ 199.95

JABRO 2100 ma 7.5 vdc NiMi Batteries...( 2 ) Paid $ 45.00 ea....Total $

Battery Belt Clips...Paid $ 29.00

Bondwell SuperSlim B-310 High Speed 286 Laptop / w AC Power Supply... Paid
Used $ 100.00

Laptop is complete w / RSS Software for JT-1000 and Jedi-Series.....Also
supplied Hacked RSS Software..To allow JT-1000 To be field Programmed
without the Programming Key....Speaker Mic can be left in place when
Programming The radio...( Government Mod )

Note : All Equipment Purchased New...Except Laptop...Mint
Condition...Complete w /Original Manuals

Included w/ Package Complete Portfolio w / Many Types of Tricks and things
that can be done to Radio

Make Offer......For complete package