Radio New Zealand purchases DRM capable SW-transmitter

Radio New Zealand purchases DRM capable SW-transmitter

Post by Mike Terr » Fri, 01 Oct 2004 04:04:14

Radio New Zealand has signed a contract with Thales for a new digital
capable (DRM) short-wave transmitter for its international broadcaster Radio
New Zealand International (RNZI). The new 100 kW short-wave transmitter will
be operational in early 2006. RNZI's current analogue short-wave transmitter
(also from Thales) is nearing the end of its serviceable life. The new
Thales transmitter will work alongside it and then replace it completely as
RNZI's transmission mode into the Pacific.

Radio New Zealand Chief Executive and Editor in Chief Peter Cavanagh says
the decision to purchase from Thales recognizes the very significant
contribution the company has made towards the DRM system. "They have the
largest number of transmitters in service carrying a DRM signal and they
offer an excellent product". The contract follows an announcement earlier
this year by the New Zealand Government about a funding boost for RNZI to
move to digital shortwave technology.

RNZI Manager Linden Clark says DRM offers an ideal solution for a service
like RNZI. "The new transmitter will transmit a digital (DRM) signal for
rebroadcast across the Pacific on our 14 Pacific partner radio stations. The
current analogue transmitter will continue to deliver an analogue short-wave
signal to individual Pacific listeners."

"Thales is proud to have been selected by RNZ to execute this exciting new
project, which is an important milestone in the history of DRM, " says Willi
Tschol, Managing Director of the Thales Radio Broadcasting Activities. "I
will be following the progress personally, and wish to thank the management
of RNZ for their trust in our company and in the future of DRM."

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