Leap Night Logs

Leap Night Logs

Post by WA4009S » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 12:27:44

Rcvr:  Sony ICF-6800W(O)
Ant: Built-in antenna rod
Date: 29 February 2004 (1 March UTC)

9610  SEYCHELLES, BBC-Mahe, at 0248 in English. Nx pgm abt legal oversight
of British troops in Basra. Fair-to-good.

9720  TUNISIA, R Tunis-Sfax at 0244 in Arabic. Somber ME vocals w/ single
stringed instrmnt. Good-to-strong.

11725  CANADA, RCI-Sackville, at 0224 in English. OM w/ promos for contest.
Signal much more degraded than normally.

11735  N KOREA (p) VoK-Kujang, at 0227 in Span. YL w/ pleasantries in Spanish.
Anthem mx at 0228. No clear ID but pretty sure. Weak.

11745  CHILE, Voz Cristiana-Santiago at 0230 in Portuguese. OM w/ clear ID.

11785  BRAZIL, RNA-Brasilia at 0231 in Portuguese. OM w/ ID, very slick ads,
Very strong.

11800  ITALY, RAI-Rome at 0233 in Italian. YL intervwing  OM. Sig fair-to-

11885  COSTA RICA, REE-Cariari de Pococi, at 0237. YL intervwing YL about
conditions in Columbia. Strong.

11985  INDIA (p), AIR-Bangalore at 0240 in unknown lang. Very unique chorus
of native female singers. More tribal than subcontinental. Only mx. Very weak.