Mike Reagan is no Hal Turner (remember Hal is on tonight)

Mike Reagan is no Hal Turner (remember Hal is on tonight)

Post by Soliloq » Wed, 12 Sep 2001 07:47:17

Mike Reagan is breaking my heart. His question of the day is this:

A hypothetical young man, college age, decides to tell his parents that he's
gay. The parents don't receive the news well, and the father cuts the young
man off from all financial support for school.

What do you think of a scholarship offered by a University to gay and ***
students whose families refuse to support them?

A. It is good for these kids who are rejected by their parents. 5       5%    

B. No--this scholarship is a bad and I would not support it.    77      91%    

C. No idea on this one.                                            2        2%

May we imagine that scholarships will also be available for all life
scenarios? A young woman that decides to have a child rather than abort it? A
young white man thrown out of his home because he has a black girlfriend?

You name the scenarios where an individual might be disenfranchised for
aspects of his life that aren't related to the *** movement. I know
that there's more, it's just that I need to go vomit from the experience of
realizing that I have yet again listened to this nitwit. He claims to have
been molested as a child many years ago by an *** male, if my recollection
of his anecdotes serves me well. Anymore, I think Mike Reagan is still in
daily contact (sic) with his former tormentor.  Before any of you out there
start flailing your wrists preparing to write back, I do know that many woman
have been molested as children by *** males.

Mike did manage to pull off a joke that went unnoticed. A woman questioned how
would the potential student prove whether he was gay or not. Mike asked the
woman if maybe she thought there would be an "***test". Ha Ha Ha.

It's a sick world. Remember to listen to Hal Turner tonight, it will
straighten out your mind.