Programmes en francai

Programmes en francai

Post by Diane Levesq » Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:00:00

MK>Subject: Re: Programmes en francais sur O.C.
MK>Organization: Chicago ***netics, Inc

MK>> MK>> en ondes courtes et en francais diffusees vers la France ou
MK>> l'Europe.

MK>Il n'y a pas de liste?

See also the club C.O.C.Q. of Montreal.  Address should be in the WRTVH.
Last time I looked they keep up on such matters, and was a downright fun
club to be with, too...and it wouldn't surprise me if they even had a
Web site that you could find with your friendly neighborhood  oree-vorree....pardon mon francais....

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