Ham Radio Deluxe v1.2b, build 308 available

Ham Radio Deluxe v1.2b, build 308 available

Post by Igor von Uberwa » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 04:34:56

Hi all,

Ham Radio Deluxe v1.2b, build 308 is now available

The 480 support is MUCH better :-)

Download info: http://www.ham-radio.ch/forums/viewtopic.php?t=45


Auto-connect option in the Connection window
More Jupiter options
Added IC-7800 support (first phase)
Yahoo! groups replaced with forums in the help menu
PSK31 Deluxe F8 options Echo Input / Echo Output now explained properly.
PSK31 Deluxe bugs fixed:
Clock offset,
TX offset,
TX delay,
Switching between PSK63 and PSK31 CPU usage.
Scanning favourites - selection of favourites improved
Mapper now uses real maps
Added much more TS-480 support
Added IF Shift for TS-570 and TS-870
Memory management for Kenwood TS-480
Extended menus for TS-480 and TS-2000

145, Pete/Igor   PH1PH - G7ECN