HR&M Chat Room

HR&M Chat Room

Post by Len Winkl » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

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73, Len

Phoenix, AZ. 85068-9219

Ham Radio & More Show (host); info at:  (RealAudio site to hear past shows) (Thanks TAPR)

The Ham Radio & More Show airs LIVE each Sunday at 6:00pm ET,
(2300utc), on many local commercial stations throughout the country.
ALSO: LIVE on WWCR Shortwave, 5.070mhz. 100,000 watts.(Thanks WWCR)
ALSO: LIVE on RealAudio at:

Also:  Tape delayed via WWCR Shortwave on Mondays, at 1000utc on 3.210mhz
       and on Sundays, at 0600utc on 5.070mhz.

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