Guy {Guide} Wires for a "Receive Only" - Shortwave Listening (SWL) Antenna :

Guy {Guide} Wires for a "Receive Only" - Shortwave Listening (SWL) Antenna :

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Guy {Guide} Wires for a "Receive Only" - Shortwave Listening (SWL)
Antenna :

Bare or Insulated Metal Guy {Guide} Wires are OK when
you are using a Plastic or Ceramic Insulator between
the end of the Guy Wire and the end of the Wire Antenna
Element.   If an Insulator can not be use then a 3-5 Foot
piece of Nylon-Poly Rope can be use as an Insulator
between the Guy and Antenna Wires.

ClothesLine Wire - Which is often described as Vinyl
Coated Steel Core Wire can be used as Guy Wires when
using #10 or #12 AWG Solid Copper Wire or #12 or #14
Copper-Clad Steel Core Antenna Wire.

T I P S :
1 - Make sure that your Antenna Wire is as Strong and
preferably Stronger then your Guy Wires.
2 - Often an Insulated #14 AWG Stranded Copper Wire
that is used as a Wire Antenna Element will break
first when it is used with a Steel Wire of the same size.
3 - Make sure that the 'suspended' Guy Wires between
the Antenna Support Points do not weigh more then
your Wire Antenna Element.
4 - The Guy Wires should not be the major Load Factor
of your Antenna
5 - The Guy Wires are there to Support the Antenna and
not to help bring down the Antenna.
6.  Double-Over the Wire at the Insulator and run a
Double Wire through the Eye (Hole) of the Insulator.
Then do a Double Wire CW-Wrap on the Root Wire
followed by a CCW-Wrap by the Tag-end Wire.
- - - Note this also works well at the Tie-Off Points
of  the Guy Wires at ground level or on the structure.
<- 2" ->
 ////// Double Wire CW
O========------------- Guy Wire
 \ \ \ \ \ \ Single Wire CCW
<- - 3" - ->

hope this helps -iane ~ RHF
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Subjest : Antenna Tie-Offs


I would like to use vinly coated braided steel cable
to tie off my random wire antenna.  I'm just able to
toss my baseball over the top branches of my 2 tie off
trees now-in a few years I will certainly drop as many
feet from my throws so want as close to a permanent tie
as possible.

Using ceramic eggs will insulate the antenna from
conduction of tree/cable charges.

Still I rarely hear of cables used instead of rope
-am I missing something?

Thanks, Scott
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