BBC Monitoring World Media 1 Nov 96 Edition 44 - preview

BBC Monitoring World Media 1 Nov 96 Edition 44 - preview

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Preview of this week's 'World Media' from BBC Monitoring

World Media 1st November 1996 Edition 44 1996

Does the progress of Digital TV depend on satellite launches?

The development of Digital TV has been closely tied to the launch
of new TV satellites. The risk that a satellite will fail to reach orbit or
operate correctly is still significant and TV channel operators all
have contingency plans for such an event. This week s analysis
considers the risks Telepiu and other digital TV operators are taking
and suggests that capacity will still be found if a launch failure hits
a broadcaster s plans.

AFGHANISTAN - A second "Radio Afghanistan" observed

The Taleban controlled Radio Afghanistan from Kabul has been joined by
a second station of the same name which appears to oppose the
Taleban forces. The station is on shortwave 41 metre band.

CHINA/BURMA - TV cooperation agreement signed

China Central TV and Myanmar TV and Radio Department have
agreed to the exchange and broadcast, on national TV,
of news and documentaries.

FRANCE/MEXICO - TV5 to be direct-to-home in Mexico

France s TV5 has concluded two major agreements to distribute
its channel throughout Mexico with Telerad and Sky.
Sky is owned by Globo, TCI, Televisa and News Corp.

INDIA - Indian broadcast developments

The government is planning a bill to regulate satellite,
terrestrial and cable TV. More media autonomy has been
promised for the regions and Discovery and NBC are targeting India.

QATAR - Al-Jazeera satellite channel starts

A TV station from Qatar has started transmission to the Middle
East and Europe on Arabsat and Eutelsat. The channel will show
news and entertainment programmes:

USA - VOA radio starts TV service in Persian

A weekly video simulcast of the VOA phone-in programme
is being broadcast via the AsiaSat 2 satellite to Iran, where
satellite TV is officially banned but can still be received.

USA/CHINA/N.KOREA/VIETNAM - More reaction to Radio Free Asia

The media in the Radio Free Asia target countries continue
to protest against the "cultural colonialism"
of the US-based external broadcaster.


A list of the satellites planned to be launched next year
which are likely to carry TV programmes.


The transmission schedules of the following
broadcasts were also available this week:

Radio Bulgaria
Radio Veritas Asia
Radyo Pilipinas
Channel Africa
Radio Thailand
Voice of America
Radio Marti

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