Lloyd Davies - THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A 30-YEAR-OLD-VIRGIN : 02/25/04

Lloyd Davies - THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A 30-YEAR-OLD-VIRGIN : 02/25/04

Post by N8KD » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 08:45:08

> Diary 02/25/04 by Lloyd Davies

> There is nothing like being awakened early in the morning by idiots like The Idiots Next Door. Mr. Idiot is a dumpy-looking clown whose voice has only two levels: off and yelling. Mrs. Idiot is his dumpy sidekick. "Hi! We're the Idiot family and we like to make a lot of noise so everyone will know that we're both stupid and inconsiderate." So, with three cupboard doors and four drawers total in the typical Roach Motel kitchen, it is an endless slamming soire, every day. It would be too intelligent to take everything out at one time. Slamming the shower doors repetitively is Mrs. Idiot's specialty. Mr. Idiot loves to check the smoke alarm. And, here's their dog Fido ... "Bark! Bark! Bark!" (translated: "Get me outta here!") Yes, the Roach Motel is probably an asylum in disguise, although one would be hard-pressed to find an alternative source of true entertainment. The Roach Motel is also home to every low income Loser like me! (applause) I decided to take a more proactive st
>  ance in dealing with the public relations fiasco of last Tuesday, when I really screwup a pizza delivery order. It seems to be working although the damage has already been done. It becomes obvious that there is only one antagonist (not The***, my manager) but the customer got coupons for free pizzas. The best bet is to avoid any more problems and return to a monk-like state. Jerked off before going to bed. Just another day in the uneventful life of a 30-year-old ***!

I have to jump in here and at least give you credit for using the word "soire". Don't think I've seen it used here before.

Thanks for helping us reach a higher level.

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