Kol Israel Summer 96 schedule (full) - repost

Kol Israel Summer 96 schedule (full) - repost

Post by Don » Sun, 24 Mar 1996 04:00:00

ISRAEL RADIO SPRING SUMMER SCHEDULE 1996 (31.3.96 to 27.10.96)

TARGET AREA  a=Europe and North America b=SE Asia/Pacific
c=Central/South America d=Western N.America  e=E.Europe/CIS  
f=Iran/Georgia/Bukhara  g-Middle East

NETWORK RELAYS A=Reshet Alef    B=Reshet Bet    C=Reshet
Gimel     D=Reshet Dalet                E=Reshet Hei    F=Reshet

Hebrew  (Reshet Bet - including TV news at 1700) B
0000-0600       9388a
0300-1400       15615a
0600-1730       17545a
0445-2200       13750a
0700-0800       13615a (Sat only)      
0900-1100       13615a (Sun-Fri)
1400-1600       11588a
1500-1900       15615a
1500-1600       12077a
1700-1730       7395a
1730-2400       9388a
1900-2200       11588a

HEBREW (Reshet Gimel)
1100-1200C      17695b (Tuesday only)

0400-0415A      7465a, 9435a, 17545b
1400-1430A      12077a, 15615a
1900-1930E      7465a, 9435ac, 11605a, 15615c, 15640d

0415-0430A      7465a, 9435a, 17545b
1430-1500A      12077a, 15615a
1930-1950E      7465a, 9435ac, 11605a, 15615c, 15640d

1950-2000E      7465a, 9435ac, 11605a, 15615c, 15640d
1625-1635F      7395a

1230-1400E      11605e, 15650e, 11588e, 11685e
1730-1900E      7465e, 9845e, 9435e, 11605e 11588e

1400-1530E      11605f, 15640a, 11695f

1530-1545E      11605f, 11695f

1545-1600E      11605f, 11695f

1600-1625F      7395a, 9845e, 9435e, 11605e, 11588e
1700-1730E      7465e, 9845e, 9435e, 11605e, 11588e

1625-1645E      9845e, 9435e, 11605e, 11588e

1645-1700E      9845e, 9435e, 11605e, 11588e

1635-1645F      7395a

1645-1700F      7495a

1200-1225E      15650g (Tuesday only)

0300-2115D      15480g, 9815g, 5915g

IBA, Kol Israel, External Service, POB 1082, Jerusalem 91010, Israel
      fax + 972 2 302327

The World Radio Network used to broadcast Kol Israel English news (full
half hour broadcast at 0230-0300 UTC (09:30-10:00PM EST) to Europe and North
America via cable & satellite. They are now looking for sponsors to restart
broadcasts. It was also available via the Internet, for more details go to      

Kol Israel English news (10 min of the 3 PM Israel Time) and some Reshet Bet
broadcasts may be heard (at a 1/2 hour to hour delay) over the Internet at:


It is available on both Realaudio (downloaded first) and Iwave (real-time
playing). They are also looking for a sponsor.
Jerusalem 1 also has Kol Israel English news Sun-Thurs using IWAVE.
They also keep a week's worth of archives. They have the 90 second
1 PM Israel Time and the 3 PM Israel Time (don't know how much of it)
broadcasts. The files here are downloaded to your home computer
before they are played by Iwave.


As Kol Israel is still contemplating cutbacks, please fax the above
number to show your support and leave them any questions, comments or


Kol Israel Summer 96 schedule (full) - repost

Post by Joel Rub » Mon, 25 Mar 1996 04:00:00

For the last week or so, Artificia has been putting out the 4 or 5
minute 1 P.M. newscast (1000 GMT) not the 3 P.M. newscast.