AFRTS / WRNO : U.S. (NFL) Football

AFRTS / WRNO : U.S. (NFL) Football

Post by Michael Dunb » Sat, 11 Sep 1993 15:09:37

I have been listening to WRNO in past years and have received their NFL New
Orleans Saints games.  I haven't picked up the broadcast on 15420 here in
Australia yet this year, so is there any technical hitch with their
transmittors or something similar which has prevented them from transmitting

Also, apart from WRNO, has anyone ACTUALLY HEARD the Armed Forces Radio and TV
Service lately on SSB???

Are there any other Shortwave stations carrying NFL broadcasts?

Please do tell, and thanks very much in advance!!!!!

Michael Dunbar
(My ideas and posts do not reflect the views of my employer, and if they did,
I'd probably be working for the NFL)