eBay: Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000-1 Shortwave Radio

eBay: Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000-1 Shortwave Radio

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Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000-1 Shortwave Radio

Zenith Trans Oceanic Royal 3000-1 Transistor, Trans-Oceanic Portable Radio!The
radio is in excellent clean condition. It has only had one previous owner and
has been very well cared for.
The Model 3000 is a nine-band radio, including AM, seven shortwave bands,
andfor the first time in any TransOceanic -- FM. It was introduced in the
1963 model year and manufactured until 1971

The unit is very clean and includeds the battery compartment with no signs of
leakage or corrosion. It has been tested with the required 9 D Batteries and
found to work perfectly.The 3000-1 can be powered by an external power supply
12v. Allthough the external adapter is not included, you can use any adapter
that supplies 12 volts DC, using a 3/32-inch diameter male plug whose tip is

This unit has several very cool features that make it both super collectible
and practical for everyday use.

An ultralong monopole antenna hidden within the units handle provides super
portability as well EXCELLENT reception when put to use.

The inner face plate folds in to enclose the unit during travel and storage to
completely protect it's face and dials, lights etc. When unlocked and folded
down the units controls are easily accessible and simple to navigate. There is
a clever time zone wheel attached to the inside of the fold down plate so you
never have to guess at International time changes or broadcast times.

The side of the unit has a wonderful unique feature that makes use of a dial
mechanism to change the face of the band frequency for tuning purposes. Very
clever and working perfectly. You manually turn this dial to change from FM to
Shortwave to AM etc. Very Cool!

The original pullout "The BEST reception table/radio station chart", is
included. The chart lists all the best times and destinations to tune in
International broadcasts throughout the day and night. Of course many of the
locations behind the IRON CURTAIN are long since gone. Very interesting to see
all the station calls and info of these great radio days past

This has a a time zone dial, weather charts and station lists and the world
time zone map. There is also an earphone jack. This takes 9 "D" batteries. This
is in great condition