ILGRadio Broadcast Database Program GNPDB (New Version 1.30)

ILGRadio Broadcast Database Program GNPDB (New Version 1.30)

Post by Gerd Niepha » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

A new version 1.30 of the program GNPDB is now available for download.

The program GNPDB displays the ILGRadio broadcast databases. The
program will work with Windows 95, 98 and NT. It will not work with
DOS or Windows 3.11.

GNPDB can be used as a standalone program or in conjunction with the
Ten-Tec RX-320 receiver control program GNRX320.

The new version contains new features:

        - extended filter, sort and search functionality
        - complete control over the layout of database columns
        - online help
        - ...

The program GNPDB may be used free of charge.
For a description of the functionality and in order to download see:

Attention: the web site

still contains the old version 1.20 of GNPDB. This site will be
updated when Bernd Friedewald from ILGRadio is back from the HFCC
conference in Dubrovnik.

Gerd Niephaus