HF-1000 sensitivity on MW

HF-1000 sensitivity on MW

Post by Mohammed F. Ha » Tue, 29 Nov 1994 09:29:04

Does anyone know how accurate is the s-meter of the HF-1000?
Using the Kiwa MW loop antenna I managed to receive fairly easily
intelligible audio with the needle sitting on as low as -120 dBm (0.22
microvolts) in the SAM mode with a 6 kHz filter. That's a lot better
than the -103 dBm (1.58 microvolts) sensitivity quoted by the spec
sheet. During that time the Kiwa antenna was at maximum gain so ITS
noise could be the limiting factor on overall sensitivity and not
the receiver's.

If the s-meter calibration is accurate then these readings speak
highly of the low noise floor for both receiver and antenna.

I've just started fishing for DX in the mediumwave range so I'm
guessing that KCRG (1600 kHz) is a nice start from Denver using an
indoor loop? WRTH lists it as a 5 kW station from Cedar Rapids, IA.