New edit of Introduction to (Shortwave)

New edit of Introduction to (Shortwave)

Post by Ralph Bran » Sat, 02 Nov 1991 09:26:52

There is a new revision of the introductory posting available.  It
has been posted here, and will hopefully be available for ftp soon.
This new revision adds information about the R-8, the NRD-535D, the
ICF-SW77, and the Pomtrex.  It attempts to define some of the jargon
I unwittingly included in earlier revisions.  Hopefully this will
make it easier for the intended audience to understand the document.
There has also been a minor reorganization of material (addresses
have all been moved to the end.)

If you have any comments on the article, suggestions for
improvement, etc., please feel free to contact me at

Ralph Brandi

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